The Granipex Group is formed by companies operating in the external and internal markets for cladding stones, with its own quarries and industrial units in Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. Formed by a highly trained technical team, with strict quality controls and specialized machinery, with this the Group guarantees the best efficiency and quality of its materials.

In our quarries, we work to mine and extract our raw materials in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Our industries rely on modern machinery technology led by a trained team, meeting safety standards and certifications, guaranteeing the quality standard.

We operate with our products in more than 50 countries and have a distribution unit in Lisbon, EuroGranipex, further strengthening our presence in the foreign market.



Granipex Brasil

Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 1.111
Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro 22775-040 – Brasil
Tel.: +55 (21) 2111 4050


Rua Virgilio Martinho 3D, Sala F, 1600-821 Lisboa – Portugal
Tel.: (+351) 21 593 9283 eurogranipex@eurogranipex.com