Social Responsibility

The preservation of the environment starts with small daily actions that make the difference. That is the main concern of the Group in the fight to save nature.


With this thought is that the products are packed with Elliotis pine woods, from reforestation programs, and the water used during the extraction and industrialization process of the stones goes through reuse and recycling.

The Group periodically conducts a monitoring program in conjunction with the municipal authorities and IBAMA visits to ensure the standards set by the environmental legislation.

It also promotes educational events for the community of Felixlândia in Minas Gerais and its surroundings. Making sporting events and offering writing contests with scholarships in computer science.

The Group Granipex-Arar stands out in the segment for its quality products, for seamless integration with society and for being in accordance with the environmental liability market.


through a settling basin system, more than 80% of water used at all stages of the process is recycled. The water which irrigates the quarry is then used for polishing stones.


The vehicle maintenance, oil changes and washing machines is done on a ramp of waste separation. The collected oil is sent to a specialized company that treats and reuses.


The quartzite debris is recycled and some is donated to the City of Chippenham for improvement of streets and sidewalks.
The recyclable waste is separated and delivered to the municipal government that makes the collection.