The Group Granipex- Arar Pedras Mineracao LTDA is a mining, processing, extraction and export of natural stone coverings company.


It’s serious and transparent management is aligned to standards and procedures. Dedicating itself to the mining activity with knowledge that the only way to progress is the use of natural resources sustainably.


Founded in 1968 by young Portuguese Arlindo de Souza, the group, now led by Armando Sousa and Arlindo de Souza, consolidated itself in the market and established as one of the leading exporters of Brazilian slates and quartzites. With exports registered in over 35 countries on five continents, and maintaining constant growth.


It has an efficient logistics program that has its own fleet of vehicles. As well as a strategically located office in the city of Rio de Janeiro, near one of the largest Brazilian ports, enabling direct monitoring and efficient movement of cargo until their shipment.


The biggest concern of the Group Granipex-Arar is to offer products and services of high quality, through our team. And the objective is to provide always to our clients the greatest satisfaction and loyalty.